LODDEN | Tea Cosy


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Our tea cosies are both practical and stylish. Whilst keeping your tea warm for a bit longer so you can enjoy your cuppa at your own leisure; they are also an attractive addition to your kitchen. Our tea cosies also make a great alternative and affordable gift for birthdays or even a housewarming present! Our tea cosies are made with 100% cotton fabric and polyester wadding and measures 25cm x 35cm

Designed by William Morris, Lodden was first bought to print at Merton Abbey in 1883. Originally sold through Morris & Co, Lodden was a highly popular print due to its bold motifs and visually pleasing symmetrical design. Lodden is full of enchanting natural motifs of various sizes including leaves, vines, foliage and various blooms. The vines form beautiful arches, enveloped with flowers that catch the eye with a gradient of colour, softening the piece.

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