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Add a touch of colour to your dining table whilst protecting it’s surface at mealtimes with our William Morris prints. Our William Morris fabric tablecloths in Lodden come in 4 sizes as detailed below, are 100% cotton and machine washable. These also form a part of our range of dining coordinates.


Tablecloth Size Fits Table Seats
52″ x 52″ 132 x 132cm 28″ x 28″ to 40″ x 40″
71 x 71cm to 102 x 102cm
2-4 Persons
52″ x 70″ 132 x 178cm 28″ to 46″ to 40″ x 58″
71 x 117cm to 102 x 147cm
4-6 Persons
52″ x 90″ / 132 x 228cm 28″ x 60″ to 40″ x 72″
70 x 152cm to 102 x 183cm
6 Persons
52″ / 132cm diameter 28″ to 40″ in diameter
70cm to 102cm
2-4 Persons

Designed by William Morris, Lodden was first bought to print at Merton Abbey in 1883. Originally sold through Morris & Co, Lodden was a highly popular print due to its bold motifs and visually pleasing symmetrical design. Lodden is full of enchanting natural motifs of various sizes including leaves, vines, foliage and various blooms. The vines form beautiful arches, enveloped with flowers that catch the eye with a gradient of colour, softening the piece.

Additional information

Additional information


Round 132cm/52in diameter, Square 132cm/52in, Oblong 132cm x 178cm / 52in x 70in, Oblong L 132cm x 228cm / 52in x 90in

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