Can I order fabric samples?

Yes, you can request a maximum of 10 samples using the website if you are:
1) Logged in as a ‘Customer’ 
2) Visiting the site as a guest

Trade users are not restricted to this limit.

How much does it cost to order fabric samples?

If you are logged in as a customer or visiting as a guest you can purchase up to four samples for a cost of £3.00. Any further samples you require will be charged at 0.75p per sample. There is a limit of 10 samples per order.

If you are logged in as a trade user then all samples are free of charge and the limit of 10 samples per order does not apply.

If samples are out of stock what should i do and how do I know when they will be available?

Just give us a call or email us and our Customer Service department can look into expected times for you

Why doesn’t the colour on the website exactly match the colour of the product?

We strive to make sure the colours shown both online and in our brochures are as close as possible to the finished product, however it is not always possible to get an exact colour match. Deviations in colour can sometimes occur during the photography process or due to variances in computer screen display settings. We advise customers to see the product in person or order a sample (where possible) in order to ensure satisfaction with the product.